MSL Tea Set

The artist Uli Aigner has developed a special tea set for the MSL Centre - the MSL tea mug and the MSL small plate, as part of the ONE MILLION Edition.
With her ONE MILLION project, which began in 2014, Uli Aigner is pursuing the goal of producing 1,000,000 porcelain vessels with her own hands. Each object is completed with an engraved production number and is therefore recognisable as a unique piece.

All forms of the ONE MILLION editions refer to people, objects, events, time periods and milieus. The MSL Centre is delighted to be part of this project and to have received its own series of ONE MILLION tableware.

The mugs, which not only have a production number but are also engraved with "MSL", are used at the centre for the tea parties that take place there.

This unique tea crockery is also available for purchase by our visitors.

Cup - € 70
Saucer - € 70

Foto ©Uli Aigner
Foto ©Uli Aigner
Foto ©Uli Aigner